FAQ Rent a Bike

What is the best road bike rout starting from Korčula city?

The nicest rout from Korčula town center are the one going towards Beaches in Lumbarda on south east or north side following sea side road rout all way to Racisce village and also beaches near by. Those are the shortest and very easy rout to cycled and for the once who can do more we have offer road bike routs for training  and recreation.

Do you provide helmets when renting bikes?

We provide helmets in all sizes and they are free of charge. Children must wear it.
Do you offer SPD pedals on your road bikes, can we have are own?
Can I pick up bike in Dubrovnik and leave it on island Korčula?
Do you deliver bikes in Vela Luka?

Yes we do and not just Vela Luka we cover whole region of southern Dalmatia, we do bike delivering supporting , transportation and rent.

Can we ride across the island and than you pick us up at Vela Luka and return to Korčula?

As island korcula is 46 kilometre long many of cyclist need this service. It is nice to  ride one way a cross the island but came beck can be hard 🙂
Can we put a bicycle in the catamaran from Split or Dubrovnik to Korčula?

Yes you can but only one catamaran line  does that. They charge bike as one extra person.

Here is the link : Krilo.hr

Do you also offer bicycle tours?

We cooperate and support agencies that does bike tours in Croatia and specially Island Korcula so feel free to contact us and we will give good recommendation according your needs.

Can you provide a baby seat for the bicycle and do you have children’s bikes in your offer?

Baby seats can be attached to city or mountain bikes for infants and for more older kids we have bikes in weel sizes 20, 24 and 26 xxs bikes. We cover all..
We are a group of cyclist and we would like transportation from Korčula to Dubrovnik, can you help us?

Of course all of our cars are equipped with Thule bike roof racks .
What happens if i have flat tire or some other trouble while on ride, i don t wont to be stack somewhere?

As we offer supported bike rental you can be relax with us while cycling. If anything went wrong feel free to call us and we will come to help you ( fix or give you other bike) also all of our bikes in standard equipment have puncture kit ore inner tube , bike tool and pump.
Do you provide any accessories with bikes?

In ore standard equipment you get helmets, puncture kit, pump , inner tube, map and for road bike you get bicycle computer for free. Child seats, flour pump, gps, more racks you pay extra.
Do you know where i can fix my bike and get spare spots on island Korčula?
Is it safe to ride bike on Korcula?