panorame of lumbarda


Lumbarda is situated 7 km away from the town of Korcula and has about a thousand inhabitants. Lumbarda consist of several small hamlets, scattered on the slopes of gentle hills encircling a fertile sand valley. The coast is rather indented with a series of islets of the Peljesac Channel. The natural characteristics of this area were suitable for the foundation of the old Greek colony, whose remnants were found on the small peninsula of Koludrt. The ancient Greek inscription from the 4th century B.C., the famous “Lumbarda psephism” is of national value. Future archaeological investigations will probably reveal many remnants of Greek and Roman civilizations. Vestiges from the Middle Ages are old castle-houses. The remnants of “ville rusticae” have been preserved on the sandy beach “Bilin žal “. It was connected underground with the small castle of “Kula” which served for defensive purposes. The small church of St. Cross from 1774. is placed at the crossroads of the two beaches “Bilin zal” and “Velika Przina”,whilst the parish church of St Rocco with a white stone bell-tower is situated on the hill of Glavica. Lumbarda is a well known tourist destination, known for its sandy beaches, nice gently landscapes and the famous white wine Grk. The KUD “Ivo Lozica” continues the cultural tradition of Lumbarda and nurtures the customs of its village. Lumbarda is a home town of many outstanding Croatian sculptors and artists.