Town Korčula city tours

Secrets of Korcula

Walking through the streets of Korcula get to know the history and traditions of the town . If you walk alone you won t be able to discover the hidden stories written in stone symbols – so join the tour and unlock the secrets of Korcula.

Mystic Korcula

In this night tour find out about our annual celebrations. Korcula intertwined with srories about the customs of christianity ,slavic mythology and pagan festivals.

Finally you will get the answer to why is winter so cold and harsh, why does a rabbit lay eggs for Easter and why do thorns and grass grow so well in the vineyards.

Stories from ancient times will enlighten the dark streets of our town.

The siege of Korcula

In full summer 1571 Korcula was attacked by the Ottomans. The siege was stopped and the town was saved by  fierce women

and sudden stormy weather.

Follow the tour and from site to site relive the siege of Korcula from 1571.

Spooky fun

This evening tour will keep you awake ! In the dark corners of the town listen to the stories about witches, ghosts & the vampire from Korcula . You will  get the chills but you will leave with a smile as stories from cemeteries and graveyards are full of fun !