Moreska sword dance

Moreska is sword dance that is being played in Korčula since 1571. Moreska is not originally dance from Korcula. It has been brought on Korcula from Spain, via Dubrovnik. Dance is performed by two groups of young men, “Moreškanti”, white ones clothed in red and black ones in a black uniform. They fight for Bula, White kings fiance, which has been kidnapped by Black king Moro. So the kings leads their men.

The first part of dance is characterized by short drama action and another strong fight between two armies. White wins, Bula has been restored to White king. Dance accompanied by blowing orchestra takes place in seven figures or “kolapa” where the pace is accelerating while the wounds of swords are getting harder and harder …
People from Korcula are very proud but also sensitive about Moreska so they use to say:”You are not a male if you can not dance Moreska.”, “If you haven`t seen Moreska you haven`t been on Korcula.”…

Sword dance Moreska is being played only in Korcula and is included in the protected immaterial cultural heritage. In Korčula during the tourist season it is performed once a week (Mondays or Thursdays)  in low season and two times per week (Mondays and Thursdays) in high season.

Tickets for Moreska can be purchased online  or in our office on Plokata square in Korcula on the day of performance or before.

PRICE: children up to 4 years free of charge, 4-14 years 10€ , 14 and up 20€