Korčula cycling jersey

This year we have made a step towards making our clients more comfortable and better suited in cycling the beautiful island of Korčula. We are proud to announce that we created our very first handmade cycling jersey produced exclusively in Croatia.

The cycling jersey has specific functional qualities , making it the ideal cycling garment. The fit is adapted to typical cycling movements for smoother rides. Contrary to popular belief, cycling jerseys are suitable for both ambitious cycle racing and leisure cycling.

You do not need to be a professional cyclist to wear and enjoy our jerseys. They are equipped with a zip, collar and pockets for maximum practicality. While giving you cycling functionality they also provide you with a new stylish wear. They come in a mix of white,orange,black and blue colors bearing the logo of our travel agency Kaleta.

Now you have everything you need for a perfect cycle on the radiant island of Korčula.