island mljet

National park Mljet

National Park Mljet

Mljet is one of the most beautiful island on the adriatic coast and it`s also a national park. National Park on Mljet occupies nearly one-third of the island. The interesting part is definitely the area where the sea had crept deep into the interior of the island and formed the Great and Little Lake.

Within the Great Lake is the island of St.Mary on which was built a Benedictine monastery in the twelfth century . Visiting the island of Mljet, walk with the professional conduct of a national park, a tour of the monastery and ride on the lake are included in the price.

About tour…

The ride to the island of Mljet takes an hour and a half with a traditional boat. For those looking for luxury, we offer you a trip on Targa 35 motor yacht which takes only 35 minutes and leaves you extra time for swimming and snorkeling.

For those who want to explore the island on their one we also offer a transfers with rubber boat.