Rent an Electric Scooter

Need a safe and fun mode of transport? Why not try our new electric scooter.

In our rent a fleet, we have a new member, an E-GONI electric scooter.

The comfortable E-GONI electric scooter is equipped with 8-inch tires. It is a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

With its innovative design and high-quality aluminum frame, it will attract the curious glances of passers-by. Lightweight construction and a maximum load capacity of up to 100 kg allow use for all ages. Thanks to its practical mobility, you can take it with you almost anywhere.

Exceptional performance is ensured by a built-in 5.0 Ah battery, which allows a distance of up to 7 km on a single charge. It is equipped with a LED display, which clearly shows the charge of the battery on the scooter, current speed, etc. A fully charged battery requires 2-3 hours of charging. Thanks to the 200 W motor, the scooter reaches a top speed of 15 km / h.

Energy-saving front lighting and LED rear lighting ensure greater visibility in the dark and traffic safety, both for you and other participants.

With all this in mind we welcome you to visit our agency and rent our electric scooter. You will thank us later 🙂