Badija island

About twenty minutes boat ride from Korcula’s sea port is island Badija. It`s one of the largest island in the Korcula archipelago. It is situated on the east side of Old Town of Korcula. It covers the area of one square km and is covered by dense maquis and pine , cypress and olive trees. Flint knives were found in the Lokve locality, proving that life existed in the caves of Badija in prehistoric times. A stone monuments found on Badija are proofs that Romans were on the island . Badija was first mentioned in writing in 14th century by the priest Vlaho Ivanovic from Korcula, who lived here as a monk.The present Franciscan monastery and the church date from the 14th century. A legend says that the old arms from Badija, kept today in the Korcula Cathedral, belonged to the king of Aragon and Naples, and that they were taken from him by the Korculans in a fierce battle. Badija is popular excursion point for the people of Korcula and tourists, for here they can grill fish and meat specialties for themselves at the very edge of the sea. The development of tourism in Korcula inevitably turns towards this natural pearl which will enable even the most discriminating tourist to enjoy himself in this exceptional scenery and stimulating atmosphere. Badija has a lot of suitable swimming spots and some pebble beaches all over the Island, as well as arestaurant/cafe that is opened in summer months, where one can have snack, refreshment or full 3-course meal too. Badija is ideal place to spend whole or half day out in the nature.